If you have an HTC and it isn't charging as it used to then you need to look at whether your dock connector is broken and whether it can be repaired. Common HTC dock connector problems include intermittent problems with charging your phone, your phone not connecting to the computer as it used to and your phone losing charge quicker than it used to. If your phone dock has been exposed to water then this can also cause damage and stop it from working as it used to.

Dock connector problems can be caused by actual damage or just general wear and tear, either way you can be sure that we'll have a service that will be able to help repair it.

If you read reviews online then you'll see that needing to charge your HTC phone quite often is not as uncommon as you would imagine. On top of this many HTC's phones are made with 30 pin connector charging plus which can easily become damaged - which of course gives your HTC phone even less chance of charging efficiently.

The good news for you is that as easy as it is to damage your HTC phone charger it is as easy for us to fix the problem. That said, no one would suggest you try and do this yourself as you need specialist tools and knowledge to fix the problem and if you try to guess your way through repairing HTC dock connector problems you could end up doing more harm than good.

All of our repairs come with a warranty, so you know that you're getting a repair that is going to last. Our repair service includes us isolating the problem and repairing or replacing any items that need to be fixed. We also carry out extensive quality control checks before we send the item back to you. You can send your phone to us, or simply pop into our West London offices and arrange your phone repair that way, whichever is easiest for you.