When it comes to mobile phone problems, one of the most common issues that we come across is screen breakage. Here at HTC Repairs we're proud to offer a comprehensive HTC screen repair service. This helps to ensure that no matter what damage has been done you can feel confident that we'll be able to get your phone back to full working order.

LCD screens are popular and a great choice for gadgets such as televisions however with mobile phones it's a whole different story. We all carry our mobile phones around with us all day which means that they're easily broken. Then you have to take into account touch screen phones which are constantly in use - it's no surprise that HTC screen repairs are something that we carry out most often.

In the past it could easily have been assumed that a smashed screen would mean the end of your phone. However, thanks to our fully inclusive screen repair service that no longer has to be the case. We stock all HTC screen types which means that whatever model of HTC phone you have, we'll have what is needed to replace it. As screen repairs are our most common request they're also something that we're extremely experienced in which means that we are more reliable than ever.

On top of that we make getting your phone to us as easy as possible. You have the choice of either posting the phone to us or simply popping into our store in West London, the choice is yours.

We want you to be nothing less than happy with our HTC Screen repair service so we offer a 90 day warranty on all the repair work that we carry out for you. We also make sure that phones are tested and go through a whole range of quality control checks before they're sent back out to you, so you know that you have peace of mind that the repair will be exactly what you are looking for

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