As much as we're all aware that our mobile phone should be kept away from water, accidents do happen. Many of us have been through those horrible few seconds where we can see our phone heading towards a sink of water, or even down the toilet! In many circumstances this can mean the end of your phone and you're left with a hefty bill in order to replace it. However, that is usually just because people do not know the best way to deal with a wet phone & actually if you go about things in the right way, your phone could be saved - no matter how wet it got.

The biggest rule of all - DO NOT SWITCH ON YOUR PHONE! In fact, if your phone for any reason has not switched itself off, you should press the power button and switch off your phone straight away. The biggest mistake that people make is trying to switch on their phone too soon and this will just result in your phone breaking completely - patience is definitely needed in the case of a phone that has gotten wet.

You'll be glad to know that whether you drop your phone into us at our West London office or your post it to us, we can help! We have invested in special dying lamps which means that if your phone has been damaged by liquid, we can take it apart and dry it completely.

Once we have done this and we're confident that your phone is completely dry throughout we'll start to test the components inside your phone and look at putting it back together. We test everything on its own before we rebuild your phone to make sure that it's all dry and isn't going to cause any problems further down the line.