If the sound stops working properly on your phone then your first assumption is probably that the speaker is broken. Although HTC speaker problems are possible it isn't always the case just because the sound on your phone isn't working as it should. In fact often the problem is a much smaller problem which is easier and less expensive to fix, which can only be a good thing! If your sound is not working as it should then we invite you to send your faulty HTC phone to us so that we can look at what the problem is. Our experienced phone engineers will be able to work their way through a list of problems to eliminate what the issue is and then send you back a phone that is in full working order.

We'll always aim to get your phone back to you quickly, but we'll never rush a job so you might find that it takes a little longer to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Another issue to do with the sound on your phone is the ringer not working as it should. You often don't even notice that this is a problem until you have missed calls and messages that you haven't heard. Thankfully a HTC ringer problem is something that we can fix for you, no matter what is causing the problem. One thing that we're proud of is the range of repair services that we offer. We have a talented team who can all work on your phone and make sure that it is fixed as efficiently as possible. Of course you also get the 90 day warranty on all phones, so you really have nothing to lose. Why not send your phone to us or pop into our West London offices to arrange your repair?